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Leah Schroeder 

Art Director and playful illustrator with 9+years experience

Featured work

Creative direction, illustration,UI, and animation

Music activates all parts of the brain; it doesn’t matter the language or genre. Code is also universal in structure, (similar to math), and developers share and create code in tandem, across the globe. 

This awareness campaign shines on Pandora and invites all to discover the soundtrack to your workday.


Creative direction & layout

Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean and making a cup of coffee in your gourmet kitchen.


A luxury real estate client based in Mexico needed a high-end sales piece to showcase their new property listing.

Creative direction & layout

Keeping your company's workers safe from cyber breaches is more important than ever.

This asset for a leader in the cybersecurity space educated customers to product benefits and a quick step guide to understanding data protection.


Illustration, web design, print assets

Engaging a PCP audience can be difficult, especially when it comes to a sensitive subject like heart health. Through bright colors, simple illustrations, and easy to digest content, the client was able to surpass their expected web visitors and assessment takers. 

Creative direction, illustration & layout

The people managing an IT department are often bogged down by service requests and lack of automation. What better way to educate and inspire change than to gamify their processes.

This guide provided powerful keys to help departments “level up" and to reach the final level of IT maturity.

E-commerce giving plugin

Creative direction, video structure, illustration, layout & web design

Combining the power of giving with online merchants is a match made in philanthropic heaven. Especially when the money is used to help children.

Using whimsy, bright colors, and reminding everyone of the kid-at-heart, this is one of my favorite projects I have worked on to date.


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