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E-commerce giving plugin

Creative direction, web design, & asset build

Charitable giving has been on the rise; especially in the online space. I was tasked with concepting and building the assets for CMN Hospitals latest e-commerce venture: to inspire vendors to install their giving plugin on their retail sites.

The hand-drawn illustrations, use of color, and overall sense of play helped to give new life to an already established brand.

The website included various interactive elements such as a lightbox to schedule a sales call, impact calculator, and demo video. The site also housed additional sales material such as a trend report, stakeholder packet, and case study; all of which I designed and worked with a storyteller to bring to life. 

Click here to see the trend report.

Demo video: storyboards, illustration, animation instruction

Video has become such a means of information that if a brand or company is not utilizing it, they are missing out on potential new customers, and possibly losing existing customers to the competition.

I worked in tandem with a storyteller to bring this story to life. We really wanted to keep the children as the main focus while also highlighting the business benefits. 

In the end, the animation, voice over, and general feel from this video provided an extremely high watch rate and video completion. We also saw high click through rates to the site, where viewers spent an average of 10 minutes and downloaded several assets.

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