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Heart health assessment

Illustration, web design, print assets

There are many of us who only visit the doctor once a year. So how do we encourage everyone to check in on their health more often?

Enter the easy heart health assessment. The bold heart lets the viewer know exactly what the goal of this assessment is and is easy to read and understand.

I used a slanted layout while building the comp to visually lead the reader down the page and kept color and imagery simple. 

One of the best things about the page is the photos. These came from a photoshoot which I co-directed and used actual care providers in their local clinics. 

I also built an asset for assessment takers to receive via email or to pick up in their local PCP office at their next visit. Each silhouette includes a check list based on age and gender and shows just how strong each of us can be. 

Engagement was boosted through social media efforts and email reach out for which I also created custom artwork.

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