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Camping: Car Style

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Living in Colorado, I'm a HUGE fan of the outdoors. There are tons of places within driving distance perfectly suited to reconnecting with nature and disconnecting from our busy lives.

But what if you don't have the gear? The right transportation? Or even lacking the desire to sleep on the ground? That's where Overland Discovery comes in. They give you everything you need, including the wheels to get there.

I partnered with a local agency to build this awesome piece for OD and I have to say, it's a road trip I want to take myself. Working within brand standards, I built this 28 page guide to showcase the Jeeps and vans, locations, and activities surrounding the Denver area. I created an icon set to act as a sort of wayfinding through out the piece and add visual hierarchy to the ebook. The piece is fully interactive as well, so if you're looking on the road, you'll never be without your trusty guide.

Check it out below and get out there and breathe the fresh air.

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