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  • Leah Schroeder, Art Director

The Beauty of 2020

With references to Botticelli, Matisse, Ancient Greek sculpture, Surrealism, Delacroix, and Hieronymus Bosch, Squarespace’s new immersive “Browser History” is a delight to experience.

The fine art illustrations are beautifully rendered. The softness of cloud transparencies, natural light on the subjects and the scenery, and implied movement all set to a loop of Antonín Dvořák’s “Humoresques Op. 101” makes one think of a leisurely museum tour.

The subtle integration of smart tech in the high art illustrations keeps the “shock of the new” present, without bashing the viewer over the head that this, is in fact, an awareness play by Squarespace.

Aside from the beautiful artwork one sees, the navigation is simple, clean, and intuitive. Scrolling through the six featured individuals, the option to “Explore Story” sends the reader down the page, instead of through the painting to the next feature.

Each subject has a link to their site, built on Squarespace, additional animation, and a curated Q&A as to how 2020 impacted their businesses and the way challenges lead to successes.

The fully curated pages are supplemented with quotes that offer context to the "art" above, much as a placard in a gallery and inspire the viewer to keep moving forward in the nauseating year that was 2020.

See the full site here.

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