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  • Leah Schroeder, Art Director

#1 Cool & useful: color palettes

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I'm really bad about blogging. You'd be better to follow me on instagram if you want to see what my life is like. But this is a new challenge I am taking on: sharing cool and useful stuff for creatives.

Coolors is a great, free, site for color scheme generation and selection. With the tap of a space bar you can view endless choices and begin to build and customize your perfect mashup.

Every color has the option to be further customized across HSB, RGB, and CMYK. The Pantone names and hex codes are also given freely. The really cool feature about this site is the ability to see all of the alternative shades in a single color at once.

Check them out!

#creatives #assets #coolshit #useful

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